HID Electromagnetic Ballast (without thermal protector)

Full voltage range, long life, high reliability, low loss, low temperature rise.


  • Full voltage range offering for Asia countries
  • MSB for IEC HPS/MH lamp use
  • MHB for IEC HPM/MH lamp use
  • Long life, high reliability, Tw 130℃
  • Low loss, low temperature rise, superior silicon steel sheet 180℃ copper wire 
  • Compact size, suitable for various fixture design, easy installation
  • PF>0.9 with capacitor (working with standard lamp)


  • Roadway, Tunnel
  • Factory, Warehouse
  • Architect flood lighting, Sports
  • Department store, High Bay

Certifications & Regulations

  • Harmonic: IEC 61000-3一2
  • Safety: IEC 61347-2-9, IEC 61347-1