T5 Direct Series

GE Lighting's T5 Direct Series are ideally suited for offices, conference rooms, department stores and boutiques, schools and other indoor public area's where excellent photometric control, ease of maintenance and lighting output are essential.

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  • Offices, conference rooms
  • Executive offices
  • Department Stores & Boutiques
  • Hotels & Restaurants, schools, hospitals
  • Other indoor places


  • Housing: 0.6mm steel plate with anti-UV powder coating treatment
  • 0.4mm high purity aluminium for reflectors and louvers, anodized treated
  • Parabolic reflectors with louver shape design, effectively controls glare
  • Mesh between lamps for softer light
  • Bat wing distribution curve design distributes even and soft light
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • GE electronic ballast and T5 linear fluorescent lamps used
  • HVAC series upon customer request
  • GE featured gear tray for system efficiency improvement (patented)


Order Logic

LOV 8632 214 T5 R M


Serial Number


Lamp Alignment

LOV 8632=Direct 214 T5=2 14W T5
314 T5=3 14W T5
414 T5=4x14W T5
228 T5=2x28W T5
328 T5=3x28W T5
OPL=Acrylic Panel
F=Frosted Finish Reflector
M=Mirror Finish Reflector

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