Tunnel Light T250

The LED T250 Modular Tunnel Light ensures long life characteristics and the convenience of reduced maintenance over the life of the luminaire.

  • 80% lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours
  • Tunnel Lighting

Product Features

GE's Tunnel LED luminaire helps to create a safe environment for traffic with white light for improved visibility and comfort –as well as an outstanding six years /24 hours a day operation with the same light source.
  • System rating is 50,000 hours @ L80 (80% lumen maintenance)
  • Optimized optical design based on international road tunnel and underpass lighting regulations (JTJ 026.1-1999, CIE 88:2004)
  • Utilizes High Brightness LEDs, 70CRI @ 6000K (4300K will be available by 2012)
  • 200-240V input voltage available with electronic driver, PF>0.9, Class I
  • IP66 rated, suitable for wet location
  • Meets ANSI 2G vibration standards
  • Ideal mounting height 4m-8m
  • Optimal operation temperature: -25℃~40℃

With a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, makes the T250 luminaire ideal for efficient lighting of low speed tunnels as well as underpass, parking garage and industrial areas.

80% lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours

The 50,000 burning hours are equal appr. 5-6 years of operation before replacement and due to the 80% lumen maintenance you can expect consistent light output over life. Reduced energy consumption combined with a long rated life that enables the new LED T250 to provide significant operating cost benefits over the lifetime of the luminaire.

Download essentials

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Datasheet IES / LDT files

Tunnel Lighting

Tunnels are defined as a structure over a roadway that restricts the normal daytime illumination such that the drivers visibility is substantially diminished. Durability and precise light distribution are two essential characteristics of tunnel luminaires. GE LED tunnel fixture uses a high efficient optical system which provides high uniformity and excellent vertical light distribution with reduced glare.

Definitions of Tunnel

  • Lav (cd/m²): Luminance of the road surface averaged over the carriageway
  • LPD (W/m²): Light Power Density
  • Eav (lux): Horizontal illuminance averaged over a road area
  • Uo: Ratio of the minimum to average luminance over a defined area of the road surface viewed from a specified observer position (Uo=Lmin/Lav)
  • UI: Ratio of the minimum to maximum luminance along a longitudinal line through the observed position on the carriageway (Ul=Lmin/Lmax)
  • TI: Measure of the loss of visibility caused by the disability glare of the luminaires of a road lighting installation
  • Flicker: Flicker is rapid visible changes of light level

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