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GE LED Downlight

GE's LED Downlight is designed to offer an effective and efficient alternative to traditional CFL downlights. With a robust construction, stylish finish and quality light output, this GE LED Downlight is suitable for a wide range of applications


GE's LED downlight is ideally suited for those environments where energy efficiency and good colour rendering are important. Traditionally, these environments have used CFL Downlights and include but are not limited to the following :

Key Product Features

High lighting efficiency

  • Delivers excellent glare control and uniform light
  • High Colour Rendering - 80
  • Available in three colour temperatures, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K to suit various applications

Energy efficiency

  • 15W replaces a 26W CFL downlight
  • 30W replaces a 2 x 26W CFL downlight
  • Long Lifetime - 25,000hrs @L70
  • No Ultraviolet or Infrared Rays
  • No Mercury

Made to Last

  • Robust construction with a stylish finish
  • Foldable power supply makes the fixture suitable for low ceiling voids

Download essentials

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IES / LDT files



Type Size (inch) Height H1/H (mm) Hole-diameter D1 (mm) Outer-diameter D (mm) Weight (g)
Downlight 6 93/123 152 195 800
Downlight 8 92/130 212 247 1120

Ordering Description

SKU Description LED power fixture-power (W) Rated voltage / freq (V/Hz) Current (A) Lumen (lm) CCT CRI PF Size (DxH) (mm)
68549 LDLS 15 WW H S 9x1.4W 15 220-240/50-60 0.1 950 3000K 80 >=0.9 195x93
68550 LDLS 15 NW H S 9x1.4W 15 220-240/50-60 0.1 950 4000K 75 >=0.9 195x93
68551 LDLS 15 CW H S 9x1.4W 15 220-240/50-60 0.1 1100 5000K 70 >=0.9 195x93
68555 LDLS 30 NW H S 18x1.5W 30 220-240/50-60 0.16 1800 4000K 80 >=0.9 247x130
68556 LDLS 30 CW H S 18x1.5W 30 220-240/50-60 0.16 2100 5000K 70 >=0.9 247x130

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