T250 Modular Light ensures long life characteristics and the convenience of reduced maintenance over the life of the luminaire.

Product Features

  • System rating is 50,000 hours @ L80 (80% lumen maintenance)
  • Optimized optical design based on international road tunnel and underpass lighting regulations (JTJ 026.1-1999, CIE 88:2004)
  • Utilizes High Brightness LEDs, 70CRI @ 6000K (4300K will be available by 2012)
  • 200-240V input voltage available with electronic driver, PF>0.9, Class I
  • IP66 rated, suitable for wet location
  • Meets ANSI 2G vibration standards
  • Ideal mounting height 4m-8m
  • Optimal operation temperature: -25℃~40℃

80% lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours

The 50,000 burning hours are equal appr. 5-6 years of operation before replacement and due to the 80% lumen maintenance you can expect consistent light output over life. Reduced energy consumption combined with a long rated life that enables the new LED T250 to provide significant operating cost benefits over the lifetime of the luminaire.

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