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Eurobay luminaires for interior application feature a low-profile design and can be equipped with Mercury Vapor, HPS or Metal Halide lamps of up to 400W


  • EUROBAY luminaires for interior appIication feature a low-profile design and can be equipped with high pressure mercury vapour, sodium or metal halide lamps of up to 400W. Version "CD" is also available, where an additional halogen lamp will light up and operate as long as the main discharge lamp can reach its rated power at switch on
  • ldeal for industrial and commercial environments, with medium-high installation heights


  • Main body : Die-casting aluminium body with slide-adjustable steel suspension hook for balancing the fitting. Color Gray 7038
  • Wiring box : Connected to the main body and made from polyamide fibre glass-reinforced 7038 RAL. The wiring box contains the lamp operating components, which are mounted on a removabIe gaIvanised steel plate. Accessed by way of a hinged door fitted with a neoprene gasket and secured by four stainIess steeI screws
  • Cable inlet : The wiring box is fitted with a nylon PGl3.5 cable gland for cable diameter of 9 to 12.5mm
  • Reflector : 99.85% anodized, mirror-finish aIuminium reflector ideal for clear bulbs. The reflector is fitted with a silicone gasket and secured to the main body by four screws. Designed to fit a wire guard and protective glass
  • Lamp holder : Plastic E40 version. The lamp holder can be adjusted in 4 different positions to optimise light distribution in relation to the type of lamp used and the installation height

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