Increase the viewing clarity with Light

Seated in a packed stadium invokes fond memories for all of us. Whether it is a major sporting event or open air concert, GE has a proven track record in providing total solutions for many of the great stadiums throughout world.


Stadium Facade Lighting

GE's architectural lighting systems illuminate an entire building, while lowering operating costs and reducing your environmental impact

Undercover and underground parking solutions

Undercover carpark

lluminate undercover area's with energy efficient lighting solutions from GE to increase the feeling of security for all visitors who utilize the facilities

Conference & function rooms

Downlighting, wall washing and cove lighting applications within a conference room

Enhance the ambiance of a conference or function room. Discover GE LED fixtures, LFL lamps and ballasts and much more for downlighting and wall washing

General access areas

EnBW City in Stuttgart, Germany

Illuminate general access area's within a stadium to quickly more visitors to personal amenities, food and beverage and back to their seats in time for kick off.

Pitch / Broadcast Lighting

TV broadcast station

GE has a proven track record in supplying quality tested LEDs and conventional light sources which provide the ideal environment for high definition broadcast lighting.

Make the stadium stand out even more with vibrant signage

GE Commercial Signage Lighting

GE provides a whole series of specialist LED signage products or conventional light sources which enhance the appearance and efficiency of any sign when compared to traditional NEON lighting systems

Flood Lighting

Rugby being played under flood lights

From illuminating the exterior of the stadium to the superstructure, GE's range of Flood lighting applications are proven in some of the worlds great stadiums

Tools and calculators

Watt / m² Estimator
Compare the watts per square meter for two different lighting systems.
Lighting Layout Estimator
Estimate the number of luminaires needed to light an area.
Luminaire Replacement
Calculate the number of luminaires you'll need with replacement lamps.

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