Roadway, Street and Tunnel Lighting

Roadway and street lighting

Is white light a choice of colour or more? Increasingly under scrutiny, outdoor lighting has a crucial role to play in the safety and security of our streets and public places and in the proud illumination of historical landmarks and buildings. Today outdoor lighting has to be smarter to comply with new legislation, environmental challenges and requirements to reduce energy usage. This is where the latest outdoor white light solutions from GE Lighting come into play.               

Street and Park Lighting


The lighting of streets and public areas requires fittings that are aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional and efficient

Highway and Motorways. Greater distances, higher speeds, improved safety


Sleek, aesthetic designs, long life, outstanding uniformity and energy efficiency with LED and conventional light sources

Tunnel and enclosed roadway lighting applications

Tunnel Lighting

These luminaires provide improved lighting control versus a standard HID general flood to optimize distribution & meet photometric requirements

Outdoor Car Park

Outdoor area lighting solutions

For other outdoor lighting needs GE's reliable LED fixtures offer long-life, durable construction and an assortment of light beam spreads to meet a wide variety of exterior lighting applications.