Brightly lit processing plant utilizing high-bay indoor industrial lighting fixtures

Increase your safety with light

Industrial facilities present the unique challenge of providing sufficient illumination on work surfaces from luminaires with varying mounting heights and environments found in many industries. The air may contains fumes, oil vapor, moisture, and dust, all of which tend to impair the optical performance of the lighting system. GE Lighting provides both energy efficiency and maintained illumination efficiency with its industrial lighting products

Optimum lighting solutions for Warehouses of varying heights

GE has a wide range of proven conventional and LED technologies which make them an ideal fit for warehouse applications.


Male inspecting a turbine in a factory

Because employees are often a company's largest investment, it's important to optimize light for their comfort, satisfaction and productivity


Undercover carpark

Illuminate undercover area's with energy efficient lighting solutions from GE to increase the feeling of security for all visitors who utilize the facilities

Loading Docks

With many items in motion, it is important to have light levels which provide high levels of visibility without compromising on overall safety

Hazardous Locations

Safety is the primary concern within hazardous locations making it even more important for the right lighting solution to provide optimum light distribution levels and light quality

Flood Lighting

Explore energy-efficient flood lighting for the key area's of any industrial facility to create a greater feeling of security and comfort to customers and employees

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