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Latest Innovative LED Products at 2012 Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition

  • Innovatively - designed suspended GE light-emitting-diode edge lighting fixture revealed
  • First Zhaga - compliant GE Lighting Infusion LED modules announced, marking a significant step in interchangeability

GUANGZHOU, CHINA [10 June 2012] – Leading global lighting innovator GE Lighting unveiled its two new LED products at Asia's largest lighting fair - Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition 2012 - reinforcing its commitment to lead the global lighting revolution. The Lumination LED Suspended Luminaire marks the first major lighting innovation since the advent of commercial fluorescent lighting, while the Infusion LED Module represents a major breakthrough that brings LED lighting to a wide range of commercial environments.

GE Lighting's product debut comes at a pivotal moment in the history of the lighting industry, with the LED lighting market on the verge of unprecedented worldwide growth. Globally the LED lighting industry has shown huge potential, and In China, the trend has been even more dramatic: 30 percent subsidies from the government and a phase-out plan for incandescent bulbs will have led to an increasing demand for LED lighting. As a result, GE Lighting anticipates that the innovative energy saving and green features of the two new LED products will make them popular solutions in the local market.

GE Lumination LED Suspended Luminaire

The design-forward Lumination LED Suspended Luminaire will feature an ultra-thin “light guide” with built-in LED technology that will offer a seamless and hassle-free transition from existing fixtures to a solution that will maximize the full potential of LEDs. The performance benefits of LED Suspended Luminaire, compared with fluorescent lighting, will include longer life, slimmer profile, innovative form factors, better control such as full dimming capability and unmatched architectural styling. As an LED system, the fixtures also provide environmental and ease-of-recycling gains derived from not containing mercury or other hazardous materials.

 “This sleek and stylish suspended fixture will make solid-state lighting a viable solution for widespread use in ambient applications in commercial and residential settings,” says Samuel Wang, General Manager of GE Asia LED Product Management. “We're providing lighting designers and end-users with innovative fixture styling and optical control that is customized to serve their very specific application and illumination requirements.”


Availability: Q4 2012

Key Features/Benefits:   
  • Intrinsx technology provides uniform light distribution
  • High 80+ CRI
  • Contains no lead, glass or mercury -RoHS compliant
  • Highly efficient lighting luminaire, efficacy above 70lm/W
  • Long life: L85@50,000hours

GE Infusion LED Module

The Infusion LED Module is a completely tool free, interchangeable modular system which is more flexible and built for the future.  The Infusion products are the first GE Lighting Zhaga-compliant LED modules, representing a significant milestone on the road to interchangeability. 

With higher lumen output packages and CRI options, plus the ease of installation, these modules represent a major breakthrough in commercial lighting technology, expanding potential applications for LED lighting solutions in retail, museum, office and other environments where light quality is vital to the user experience. 

“These specifications are the path forward for LED modules and fixtures that can truly transform the way we light commercial and residential spaces,” says John Strainic, global product general manager at GE Lighting. “Lighting designers and specification professionals around the world now have more freedom to think big because GE and the industry have progressed toward standards based on specifications established by the Zhaga Consortium.”

Availability: July 2012

Key Features/Benefits: 
  • The smallest twist-and-lock fit without replacing the fixture
  • Long-lasting, controllable and low-maintenance 
  • Multiple color temperatures and CRI for flexible lighting schemes
  • Comply with Zhaga Book5 standard and easy to design and upgrade 
  • 50,000-hour life span

GE Edison Award Re-launches

At the Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition, GE Lighting also hosted a range of activities to highlight its theme “GE Lighting: Envision the Future”, including a promotional activity that re-launched the prestigious GE Edison Award in Asia. Open to lighting professionals from around the world who have created lighting design projects that employ a significant number of GE light sources in the previous year, GE Edison Award recognizes those who are creatively changing the way people think about light. The -launch event served as a platform for lighting designers, experts and key opinion leaders, such as: Hao Luoxi, Professor of Architecture & Urban Planning at Tongji University in Shanghai as well as standing director of China illuminating engineering Society; Joseph Good, Principal in Spectrum Engineers, Inc., Salt Lake City; Shi Hengzhao, fellow of Asian Association of Lighting Designers (AALD) and General Manager of J+B Studio Architectural Lighting Design (Beijing), to discuss and share their insights on the latest trends, push development in lighting design, and encourage more outstanding local designers to share their work on a global stage.

During the GE Edison Award re-launch, Professor Hao, was selected to join the panel of judges for the GE Edison Awards. She is the only Asian judge for the Award and her support will help promote brand awareness of the Edison Award across Asia where lighting design is developing rapidly, making Asia a serious player in both the domestic and global markets.
“The lighting industry is on the precipice of a new age, and GE Lighting is well positioned to lead and contribute to its revolution,” said Mr. Strainic. “Our participation in the Guangzhou Lighting Fair allowed us to engage with our customers, designers, and industry players and demonstrate the strong lineup of solutions that GE is creating to meet their lighting needs. The fair has also allowed us to demonstrate how serious we are about the local market, and reinforce our commitment to building a new future for our industry and the world through innovative energy-saving products and solutions.” 

About GE Lighting

GE Lighting is a division of GE Appliances & Lighting. GE was born from the invention of the world's first affordable incandescent lamp. More than a century later, our Lighting business still brings light to the world, helping advance new technologies such as fluorescents and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that operate with more efficiency, less cost and less environmental impact than ever before.

With more than a century of experience inventing cutting-edge products and services, we are committed to making life better, more convenient and more efficient for consumers, as well as commercial and industrial customers. In Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), we are present in 34 countries, with eight manufacturing locations in Hungary and Spain.

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