Lumination™ Linear Suspended LED from GE Lighting

A new era for LED lighting – Lumination™ Linear Suspended LED from GE Lighting

GE Lighting has launched the new Lumination™ LED Linear. Its immaculate design aesthetic and ultra-thin profile provides double asymmetric light distribution, delivering the ideal solution for retail settings and a wide range of other projects.

Lumination™ Linear Suspended is a thin and uniform illuminated lighting panel suspending from the ceiling, powered with Intrinsix™ technology to maximise the performance, control and efficiency of the LEDs within the fixture. When turned on, it produces a perfectly even glow, and while off, it is nearly transparent with the LEDs hidden inside the frame. The double asymmetric distribution provides glare free, vertical and horizontal illuminance.

The minimalist design of the fixture creates an exceptionally thin profile that appears to float across the ceiling landscape and works well in a variety of environments including retail spaces, conference rooms, open-plan offices or reception areas. The effect is dramatic and opens up a new world of striking design possibilities.

For information about this product, check out the official product page of Lumination™ Linear Suspended luminaires.

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