GE Lighting assists in rebuilding tsunami ravaged area's of Japan with energy efficient solutions

Roadway Lighting

In the aftermath of the 2011 Japanese Earthquake, more attention was placed on conserving electrical energy in order to mitigate power shortages in light of the catastrophic events such as the shut down of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. GE donated 95 LED R250 modular roadway lighting systems to be installed along a 2 km stretch of road through the Miyagi prefecture.


Miyagi Prefecture, Japan see on map


Date: 2012

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Miyagi Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan and bore the brunt of the 2011 9.0 magnitude earthquake and major tsunami which subsequently lead to power shortages and catastrophic devastation throughout the prefecture. In order to conserve energy more efficiently, the local government placed greater emphasis on applying technologies in the rebuild which was more energy efficient compared to before the earthquake.

The solution

GE kindly donated 95 LED R250 Modular Roadway luminaires and altered the pole spacing configuration to reduce overall poles by 50%. With the average lumen being above 0.8, UO above 0.4 and UI above 0.6, the new installation has helped to reduce the electricity costs by up to 74% compared to the previous installation. 

An energy saving of 74% is estimated with the installation of 95 LED light units compared to the existing system; 50,000 hours life time, minimum maintenance cost; Decrease the possibility of traffic accident by improved visibility in bright white lighting; minimum lighting pollution and excellent lighting distribution.

Results and benefits

“Road has become really brighter and uniform after using GE LED R250.”
Seki San, Senior manager, Environmental Policy Planning Division, Environment  & Lifestyle Department, Miyagi  Enjoinment Group

With GE Lighting's new lighting solutions, Miyagi Prefecture will enjoy estimated savings of $24000 in terms of energy savings. This translates to a payback period of approximately 4.3 years. From an environmental protection perspective, the energy savings is equivalent to eliminating 195,189 lbs CO2 emissions per year, equivalent to removing more than 17 cars off the road or creating 24 acres of new forests.

Miyagi Roadway, Japan

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