GE Edison Award

*NEW with 2015 Program*
A majority of lighting products used on projects must be GE LED Lighting Products.

The ultimate winner of the GE Edison Award is the project chosen from the Awards of Excellence winners and judged to have exceeded the performance of the others, based on the design criteria outlined in the Rules and Eligibility.

Congratulations to Claudio Ramos, Hiram Banks, Erin Sudderth, Matt Landl of BANKS|RAMOS Architectural Lighting Design (San Francisco, California, USA) for winning the 2014 GE Edison Award for lighting Square Inc. Headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA. A personalized Steuben crystal was presented by GE Lighting on May 4, 2015 in New York, New York, USA.

The 2015 GE Edison Award competition, sponsored by GE Lighting, is open to those lighting professionals who creatively employ significant use of GE LED Lighting Products, including LED systems, LED luminaires, LED architectural products, LED lamps and modules, and lighting controls (“GE LED Lighting products”) in a lighting design project completed during the 2014 and 2015 calendar years (from 01 January 2014 through 31 December 2015). Deadline for submissions is 18 January 2016 by 5:00 pm EST. Also required: a GE Photography Release Form complete with required signatures, which must be received for the entry to be considered complete for judging.

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2014 Edison Award Winner

Square Inc. Headquarters

San Francisco, California, USA

Lighting Designers:

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    The new headquarters for Square Inc., a mobile payments startup company, is designed to be open and collaborative. Despite its massive 175,000 sq. ft. footprint of useable space that spans the length of an entire city-block, the design team's challenge was to make the space feel hospitable, while accommodating future company growth and expansion. The architect's goal was to create an office interior that echoes the company's core values of modern and functional design. Lighting plays an important role in establishing way-finding, defining “communities” within the expansive space, and providing the feeling of daylight throughout the floor plate.

    The project demanded high-performance systems to minimize energy and maintenance costs. This demand was met with high performance T5 fluorescent systems with optimized power factor electronic ballasts that resulted in reduced fixture and lamp quantities.

    Transparent glass-cube team-rooms are emphasized with staggered lensed fixtures with dimmable GE 21-watt and 28-watt T5 Watt-Miser® fluorescent lamps. Additional small-aperture 19-watt LED recessed accent lights increase light levels, while providing additional layers and control/scene options. Rooms are equipped with occupancy sensors for Title 24 compliance.

    The “boulevard” is lined with glass-front interview rooms and floating cabanas, wrapped in fabric panels with linear LED slot detailed to create a softly illuminated retreat for employees. Custom-designed 12-ft. linear suspended pendants, spaced 10 ft.-on-center, with dimmable 3500 K LEDs march down the 500-ft. building axis, defining the boulevard with elegant cadence.

    Linear LED pendants seamlessly continue through floating wood ceiling slats, which also conceal suspended track with adjustable GE 7-watt LED MR16 lamps, focused to illuminate art and signage. An upper level provides employees with their own dining space, also used for weekly company-wide meetings. The full-service commercial kitchen and eatery are illuminated with 12 ft. lensed dimmable T5 fluorescent pendants and continuous LED track lighting detailed within the floating wood ceiling.

    The lighting power density is 0.64 watts per square ft., 29% below ASHRAE 90.1 throughout the entire project to ensure LEED Gold® certification. Daylight penetrates halfway throughout open offices during the day. Daylight harvesting reduces electric lighting consumption down to 65% in open office areas during bright daytimes.

    The lighting design for Square Inc. Headquarters provides design consistency at this casual, elegant and high-tech San Francisco-based headquarters, and hits the mark as a leading environmentally-friendly office space.

    LEED® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council®