Entry Form

To coincide with the 2014 Global GE Edison Award competition, GE Lighting Asia will run a localized competition - the GE Lighting Asia PRE award, to select the best lighting design from Asia which will then qualify for the prestigious GE Edison Lighting Design Award competition.

Application Material Required :
  1. An Application Form, complete with information and required signatures with a project overview (100-word max.) and up to 10 digital images with keyed descriptions and list of GE products totaling a maximum of 800 words
  2. Up to ten (10) digital images of the completed installation
须提交材料 :
  1. 申请表,填入相应的信息并签名,需付上项目的整体介绍(300字以下)和项目照片附图介绍和所使用GE产品清单(总字数1500字以下)
  2. 申请表中相应的高精度项目照片(10张以下)
Combine the application form and images into a Zip file, name the file the project name and sent this file to gelightingasia3@gmail.com 将申请表和照片压缩成Zip文件,以项目的名称命名该文件然后发送到: gelightingasia3@gmail.com
Image Requirement :
  • Format: TIFF, PSD or JPEG (no text within image; TIFF format preferred)
  • Camera Quality: 6 megapixels (minimum)
  • Dimensions: Approximately 1200 x 1200 pixels (tallest or widest dimension should be at least 1200 pixels)
  • Resolution: 300 dpi (minimum)
照片要求 :
  • 格式: TIFF, PSD or JPEG (TIFF format preferred)
  • 像素: 6百万像素以上
  • 照片大小: 1200 x 1200 pixels 或更高
  • 精度: 300 dpi以上