GE Roadway Lighting Solutions

Roadways are an integral infrastructural facility and a prerequisite for an evolving community

GE continues the tradition of the highest quality and reliability in Outdoor, Utility, DOT and infrastructure lighting applications with in excellence in new product development that not only enhances the Roadway product family, but also offers our customers a wider selection of products and solutions

Area Lighting

GE LED outdoor area lighting solutions

The new generation of the GE LED Area Lighter continues to deliver the same outstanding features associated with the original product, adding greater flexibility and style

Street Lighting

GE Roadway and Street lighting solutions

Outdoor lighting has a crucial role to play in the safety of our streets and public places. Today outdoor lighting has to be smarter to comply with new legislation and requirements to reduce energy usage.

Tunnel Lighting

High performance and low maintenance are critical factors in designing lighting for tunnels. GE's range of conventional and LED tunnel fixtures provide the perfect light source to make this happen