Palazzo Las Vegas Resort and Casino illuminated facade

First impressions count

Hotels and Restaurants can benefit from efficient and ambient lighting. Today's hospitality industry prides itself on conveying a particular brand image, a sense of style, and familiarity. From conveying a feeling of warmth and hospitality in the lobby, ambiance in lift wells and room areas, functional areas demanding safety and simplicity, energy consumption and lighting versatility rank high on the list of requirements. GE provides lighting designers and hotel owners innovative solutions that combine the latest in LED technology or conventional lighting mixed with stylish design.


GE Commercial Signage Lighting

Illuminate your property and building beautifully with GE Outdoor Lighting and create a feeling of security and a warm invitation to guests to step inside.


Undercover carpark

lluminate undercover area's with energy efficient lighting solutions from GE to increase the feeling of security for all visitors who utilize the facilities

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