LED Replacement Lamps - Not all LED lamps are the same

Energy Smart LED Omni A19

When you think LED Lighting, think GE. Our wide range of quality tested products reduce energy consumption and provide longer life and greater savings compared to traditional lamps.

Savings through decreased energy costs and long life with GE LED directional lamps

LED Directional Lamps

LED directional lamps offer massive energy savings versus halogen lamps. Coupled with long life, they are superb replacements where halogen lamps are in use such as: accent, display and general lighting applications

Indoor LED Lighting Fixtures

GE Retail Accent Lighting

New GE LED Luminaires redefine the art of illumination, providing the styling, efficiency and performance you desire. More than an innovation, GE LED Luminaires represent the dawning of a new era in lighting

Roadway LED Lighting Fixtures

LED R250 Roadway Luminaire

Designing a lighting scheme for a stretch of road is by no means as simple as it may first appear. There are considerations ranging on uniformity, pole spacing and required brightness.

Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures

LE Duna Outdoor Lighting Fixture

With over 100 years of outdoor lighting experience, GE brings you our award-winning family of Evolve™ LED Outdoor Lighting Systems which deliver bright, uniform light and significantly reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption

High / Medium Bay lighting products

Albeo HX Series High Bay Luminaire

Through the aquisition of Albeo Technologies GE extends its ability to offer a more complete and integrated LED solution. We can now satisfy an urgent demand for energy-efficient high and medium bay lighting products

GE LED Architectural Lighting

Tetra<sup>®</sup> Contour

Flexible LED solutions offer unlimited design possibilities. GE LED systems provide function and improved aesthetics, easier installation, less frequent maintenance and consistent performance in lighting designs

GE LED Signage Lighting

Tetra<sup>®</sup> PowerMax

GE's patented Tetra LED Lighting Systems enable infinite signage applications, indoors or out. Judged against standard neon or fluorescent lamps, Tetra LED systems provide significant energy cost reductions

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